The Directorate of Arecanut and Spices Development, Calicut, a subordinate office under the Ministry of Agriculture, has the national mandate for the development of arecanut, spices other than cardamoms and aromatic plants. The Directorate implements Central Sector /Centrally Sponsored Schemes for development of these crops at National level.  Since the launch of National Horticulture Mission (NHM) programmes in the country from 2005-06, the Directorate was entrusted with the responsibility of coordinating and monitoring the mission programmes assigned to various State Governments on the mandate crops. In addition, the Directorate directly implements certain programmes such as production of nucleus planting materials of high yielding varieties, technology transfer through frontline demonstration plots, National Seminar / Workshops, Farmers Training etc.
     During 2014-15, the Directorate implemented MIDH programmes with an outlay of Rs 1100.00 lakhs. The Directorate proposes to continue the programmes taken up during 2014-15, with a few additions in 2015-16. The programmes will be implemented in association with State Agricultural Universities (SAUs), Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) Institutes and reputed NGOs across the country with an outlay of Rs 1100.00 lakhs during 2015-16. The proposed programmes and financial requirement is given in the table below.

Summary of the programmes proposed under MIDH for 2015-16


S.No.  Programmes Unit   

Cost per unit

(Rs in Lakhs)

Physical Target

Financial Requirement

(Rs in lakhs)

I. Production and Distribution of Quality Planting Materials                                                                                                           
1. Production and distribution of nucleus planting materials of spices                                                           
i. Black Pepper / Betelvine Nos in lakhs 6.00 25.20 151.20
ii. Ginger rhizomes Quantity  (tonnes) 0.30 167.00 50.10


Turmeric rhizomes Quantity (tonnes) 0.25 434.00 108.50
iv. Chilli seeds Quantity  (quintals) 0.75 31.30 23.475


Seed spices Quantity  (tonnes) 0.40 174.00 69.60
vi. Garlic Quantity  (tonnes) 0.50 86.00 43.00
vii. Tree spices grafts /seedlings

Nutmeg grafts


Nos in lakhs 140.0 0.095 13.30
Plagiotropic Nos in lakhs 80.00 0.36 28.80
  b). Tamarind / Kokum grafts Nos in lakhs 20.00 0.75 15.00
  c). Clove /Allspice seedlings Nos in lakhs 20.00 0.22 4.40
  d). Cinnamon /Cassia /Curry leaf seedlings Nos in lakhs 5.00 3.05 15.25


Aromatic plants Ha. 0.75 46.00 34.50
2. Nursery centre for aromatic plants LS 15.00 3.00 45.0000
3. Establishment of seed storage and infrastructure Nos 10.00 104.00 100.0000
II Accreditation of Spice Nurseries


  LS 25.0000
III Technology Dissemination through Frontline Demonstration

1. Organic Farming Spices

Nos LS 78.00 70.75

2. Maintenance of pepper plots allotted during 2013-14

  0.125 34.00 4.2500


Maintenance of pepper plots allotted during 2014-15

  0.20 18.00 3.6000


Demonstration plots of seed spices

Nos 0.40 57.00 22.80


Demonstration plots of aromatic plants

Nos 0.80 17.00 13.60


On farm management by micro irrigation

Nos LS 30.50 12.2274


Demonstration of EP N in Arecanut

Nos LS   7.3500
IV Innovative Programmes


Hi tech prod system for quality disease free seed rhizomes of Turmeric and Ginger

LS   LS 9.0000


Pilot Project on Participatory mode Rehabilitation of Black Pepper Gardens

LS   LS 2.9500


Improvement of pepper production in Kolli hills by convergence of schemes available with various organizations (2nd year)

LS   LS 2.0000


Demonstration of GAP for black pepper cultivation (2nd year)

LS   LS 0.9350


Demonstration plot for vetiver cultivation in the coastal sandy tracts of Kerala(2nd year)

LS   LS 3.5700
V Transfer of Technology Programmes


National level Seminar

Nos. 5.00 1.00 5.0000


State level Seminar/ Workshops

Nos 3.00 7.00 21.00


District level Seminar/ workshops

Nos 2.00 20.00 40.00


Farmers Training programme

Nos 0.75 126.00 94.5000
VI T S G Head (Monitoring) LS     7.0000
VII Mission Management LS     52.3426
GRAND TOTAL 1100.0000

(Rupees Eleven Crores only)

As a result of the implementation of the programmes proposed above, the Directorate intends to supplement efforts of the State Horticulture Mission programmes in bringing substantial increase in area under high yielding varieties, productivity and quality improvements thereby attaining the impact anticipated in the Mission within the time frame. 

1. Production and distribution of nucleus planting materials
2. Accreditation of Spices Nurseries
3. Technology Dissemenation Through Frontline Demonstration
4. Innovative Programmes
5. Transfer Of Technology Programes
6. Implementing Agencies